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Juggling Season

My lovely webmaster, Susan, gently reminded me that it is no longer December and I might want to change the front page of my website.  Here in Illinois, it has been hard to remember that it is no longer winter since I wore wool gloves last weekend and I have yet to go outside without a scarf wound around my neck.

The forecast, however, tells me that by next weekend the temperature will approach 70 degrees and I want to believe it, so here is a new post and a welcome to spring and summer — the seasons of rummage sales and garage sales and gardening and walking on the beach.  Fingers crossed that we won’t be gardening in down coats and walking the beach wearing Uggs.

This post is about more than the weather.  I have received some lovely emails and comments asking about the next Jane Wheel book.  I’ve promised that something is in the works — and I have an outline and fifty pages to prove that there is indeed something in the works.

Although I don’t always speak about the personal here — I owe you somewhat of an explanation about the long time between books.  My family has expanded.  Two grandchildren in the past year and a third due in the fall. Who knew the difference that could make in my life, my writing time and my focus?  As the family expands, my work as a writing teacher and editor has also expanded.  I now teach four adult writing workshops a week — which is more than full-time.  I give thanks every day for the fullness of this life of mine — not one complaint about busy-ness, because I love what is keeping me busy.  But I do sink in to the “present” of my days — which means I haven’t had a brilliant page count at the end of each one.

Jane Wheel lives on — on this website — on Facebook (please like her there if you haven’t already, because that is where she writes her posts about “stuff”) — and in the novel that I’ve begun.  In Jane Wheel #9, Jane is setting up her office in Kankakee and although Detective Oh is her real partner, Nellie seems to think her name should also be etched on the door. The format might be different for this book — Jane might even step out of the pages and tell you this story in her own voice, but as she outfits her office and button factory home and solves a Kankakee-based mystery, she’ll also be on the hunt for stuff — since all of her treasures disappeared in Lucky Stuff.  I think you all will be pleased with what she finds. 

I’ll try to work faster.  There are distractions.  The children and grandchildren, of course, but ah, there’s also the sunny call of stuff.  Now that I’ve begun a new collection of medicine clubs and/or juggling pins (see the photo from April 26 on Facebook), who knows what that will lead to this summer?

More juggling, I suspect.




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