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An Uncharacteristically Scientific Approach

I don’t often post anything labeled “science” since I believe collecting, writing and remembering fall more into the arts than sciences.  However, I engaged in an experiment this weekend that I’d like to share.


If you like Jane Wheel on facebook, you might know I attended three rummage sales this weekend and gathered some “stuff.”

Since I like to think that I can cull my collections to make room for new old things, last night I scanned the kitchen for ways to control clutter.  I spotted a cake pan I had purchased – mostly for its yellow color and also for the recipe for “flan” printed on the bottom. I hadn’t bothered to try the recipe – or use the pan.  Should I get rid of it or keep?

I was ready to put it into the subtraction bag when I decided that I ought to at least make the “flan” once.  So, last night, while watching a little college football (Go Wildcats and Go Blue in honor of my Michigan family members), I whipped up this little “flan.”


Why the annoying “”””?  Because I always thought of flan as a delicious caramel custard and this recipe made what looked to be a cross between a lemon cake and shortbread. I covered it and decided to serve it tonight when we have dinner guests coming.  Too bland looking alone, this afternoon I filled in the indentation on the top with lemon curd and raspberries and will serve whipped cream on the side.

Thus, whether the pan stays or goes will be up to the tasters of tonight’s dessert.  Don’t you wish all decluttering could be solved scientifically … or deliciously?

– September 8, 2013



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